Links does not show in WordPress

I killed myself over this one guys. Apparently link manger existed until WordPress version 3.5 came along. Here is the real easy fix: Type this into your web browser URL search – This then prompts you to install the “Link Manager” plugin, which will enable the Link Manager that existed in WordPress until version 3.5 Crazy but true…It works great…here is a screen shot of the working Link Manager within WordPress:


I probably just saved you a many hours and ton of work trying to fix your Link Manager function within WordPress. Please take some time to  check out my Health Improvement Website and listen to Doctor Joel Wallach and let me know what you think. It will truly be a great thing for you and your family if you do…

Regards, Jared

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  1. Sarah Harper says:

    LOL, first i thought it is removed so i installed another third party plugin for this. But after reading this now i uninstalled this.

    Thank you Matt for the small but useful trick :)

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