Finalizing a disc in Vista

I’m talking about finalizing a disc not closing a disc. Finalizing means the disc will be permanently closed. You will not be able to write, erase, format the disc again. There are times when a disc must be finalized such as creating a master disc for LightScribe. Some LightScribe writers won’t be able to read your LSI file unless the disc is finalized.

Here is the key word to finalizing a disc – MASTERED (option)

Right click on the file icon, select send to and select the cd drive.
You will see a box open that reads “Prepare this blank disk”
On the left corner click on “Show Formatting Options”

Select the Mastered option, then click next.

On the top of the browser box, click on the redish circle called Burn to disc.
Click next, etc. to burn.

Make sure to copy as a data cd. Make sure to finalize the disk.

Jared Blake

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