Project Supremacy – The New SEO Schema Plugin King

This is a brand new WordPress Plugin that I’m predicting will trump all the other SEO plugins. I’m a little behind on actually using the plugin myself but have definitely made the purchase mainly because of the module within the plugin that takes care of the Structured Data or SCHEMA entries. This WordPress Plugin allows you to quickly and easily give Google what they want as they are currently loving all old and new sites that are getting on board with providing them Structured Data/Schema and specifically JSON-LD.  In other words, the folks at Project Supremacy have developed a WordPress Plugin that can be installed on your site very easily. The plugin allows you to provide Google with exactly what the want, so your website will benefit very quickly as of the time of this blog posting and very likely give you a very large bump in the SERPS (Search Engine Result Pages) and I think it would be safe to say that we all would like a large bump in the SERPS. :)

No guarantee of course but their many customer testimonials have been very convincing. Now I believe providing schema to Google for your website will very much benefit a local brick and mortar business website but I’m not completely convinced providing schema to Google will benefit a non brick and mortar affiliate type website or not. That will remain to be seen, hopefully sooner not later.

There are two types of Project Supremacy licenses that I’m aware of:
1. Unlimited Personal License (unlimited use on your own websites).
2. SEO Agency License (allowing you to use the plugin on your own websites and your customer websites).

There may be other licenses they offer but these are the ones I’m familiar with.

To get a much better complete presentation of this AWESOME WordPress SEO Plugin

please visit the following link: Project Supremacy Details


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