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How To Get Your Status Updates Seen More Often In Facebook’s News Feed


These methods work both on Fan pages and Personal accounts. Facebook uses an algorithm called EdgeRank that determines the status updates that actually show up in the Facebook news feed. Let’s say that you have 4,000 friends and you post a status update. This EdgeRank algorithm is going to determine how many of your friends will actually see your status update. Now Facebook is only going to show your status update to a small percentage of your friends not all 4,000. As this would be next to impossible for Facebook to show everyone’s friends all their updates as you can just imagine the endless postings flooding into the Facebook news feed.

Again, Facebook will show your status updates to a small percentage of your friends based on your EdgeRank score. Here are things you can do to increase your EdgeRank score in order for your Status Updates or Postings to get more exposure in the Facebook news feed.

  • Don’t always post the same kind of things, you need to switch it up, use text only, pictures, videos, audio, etc.
  • Increase your post engagement by asking questions (example Do you agree? Chime in with your thoughts below…), encourage likes, sharing and commenting, etc. The more people engaged on your posts, the more viral it will become and the more it will be seen.
  • Make sure your postings are set for Public not just for friends so you can get the most exposure possible in the Facebook News Feed.
  • Make sure you use the emoticon feeling icons. Try to choose a feeling for every post or status update. For example “I’m feeling thankful today” Again, switch it up.
  • Choose a geographic location you might be posting from. For example, maybe you’re visiting a friend in Monterey or maybe you’re just making a post from your home in Napa California.
  • Tag people in your status update that wouldn’t mind being tagged. You know like some of your best friends from Facebook. These friends should possibly be relevant to your post update. Remember the more people you tag the better engagement you’re going to get. This will give you a better chance of more people seeing your updates, in the Facebook News Feed.
  • Post Content People like – Test and find out what your audience likes and then post a lot of it. Always try to serve value to your followers.
  • Keep links to a minimum as links will lower your EdgeRank score as Facebook doesn’t want you taking traffic away from Facebook unless you are paying them for advertising in order to do so. Sorry but that is just the way it works.

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